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继往开来 凝心聚力 开启医院发展新征程
南海网 http://www.hinews.cn  时间:2019-01-22 来源:来源:海南省人民医院 作者:宣传办公室

菲律宾申博百家乐开户官网 www.sbc2007.com 律回春渐,万象更新。转眼间,我们告别了不平凡的2018年,迎来了充满希望的2019年。

Everything gets fresh again with the coming of spring. In moments, we have bid farewell to the extraordinary 2018, ushered in the hopeful 2019.


We now, on behalf of the leading body of Hainan General Hospital, are extending our New Years wishes to the staff of the hospital, expressing our heartfelt thanks to the party committees and governments at all levels, the relevant departments, all walks of life in the society, the news media, and the masses who care for and support the constructions and developments of our hospital.


2018 is the first year during which the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has been fully implemented; it is not only the 40th anniversary of Chinas reform and opening-up but also the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the special economic zone of Hainan Province. Struggle is the bright background of the times. Over the past 40 years, one group after another of the strugglers who are unwilling to be the mediocre have started going towards their dreams with the trend of the times, composing the tale of our country.


In April, General Secretary Xi Jinping, at the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the special economic zone in Hainan, solemnly announced that the Party Central Committee had decided to support the construction of a free-trade test zone in Hainan Island, to uphold Hainan to gradually explore and steadily promote the construction of free-trade ports with Chinese characteristics. All the people from Hainan feel excited and elated. They are carrying forward the struggling spirit that a three-day task must be finished in one day, continuing to write a new romaunt of starting up businesses for Hainan Special Economic Zone.


A highlight of Hainan General Hospital in the history also came into being in 2018 in which the Party Committee and government of our province were determined to make the hospital as affiliated one of Hainan Medical College, accelerating the speed to independently train high-level and high-quality persons with abilities for medical treatment and public health.


In this year, the hospital has accomplished the change of a new leadership, implementing the dean responsibility system under the leadership of the Party Committee, improving the style of work, strengthening and promoting the management for modern hospital.


In this year, the new buildings for outpatients and internal medicine department have been fully put into use, and the medical environment has been greatly improved.


In this year, we remember well the great trust of keeping the people in mind, focusing on improving medical services, setting up festival clinics and day-time clinic center, and providing people more convenient and safer medical services.


In this year, we have actively carried out livelihood projects for the people, freely implanted artificial cochleas and hearing-aids for 188 deaf children, and helped them return to the sound world.


We always take the matters of the people in straitened circumstances to heart, and among the grassroots units in various sectors, we often go to see patients on a volunteer basis, making a round of visits and consultations as well, sending medicines to the masses for them to get rid of poverty and become rich.


New leaves of forests replace the old ones; the front water-waves let the back ones move ahead. Its too late for us to sigh with emotions for our striving. The new mission to construct the free-trade zone (port) is urging us to keep moving forward. At present, the Party Committee and government of our province have made a decision to preferentially develop the health industry for the free-trade test zone in Hainan, making an effort to build it as a mainstay industry.


We must try our best to seize the opportunity, to find the right position, and to strive establishing a high-level center to train personnel for medical treatment and public health in Hainan; in order to offer the people better services, we mus try to set up a national regional medical center as well as Hainan International Medical Center. We must devote ourselves to not only the strategy implementation of health industry in Hainan but also the construction of Hainan Free Trade Zone (Port).


The glory of the past cannot be slipped from our memory, and beautiful future needs our struggle. The new era belongs to struggling people. The great dream is calling upon more people who dare to try, to be the first, and to put their backs into work for becoming new entrepreneurs in Hainan. We think that belief of struggle, choice of struggle, and relying on struggle must make? us be able to keep writing new resplendence at our new historical starting point!


Under the guide of party-building, the support of deeply medical innovation, and the aim of loving and benefiting the people, we will apply ourselves to upgrade our level of medical technology, to improve the quality of our medical services, and let the masses have a better sense of medical treatments so that the staff live a more happy life.


Finally, we wish you all good health, happy work, progressive career, and a happy life in the new year!

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